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Below are some samples of my piping:

Below are some sound clips of me playing a handful of tunes you may enjoy or wish to incorporate into your event

La Boum Ecosse: This is one of my favorite tracks (and is the full version from the video clip above).  This is a great introduction or procession tune.

Wee Michael's March: A recent discovery and lovely tune.  This is a great processional or recessional tune.

6/8 Marches (Duncan McGillivray, Chief Steward, Murdo MacKenzie of Torridon and Glasgow City Police Pipers): 6/8 marches are great celbration tunes, they have a great swing and pep that really makes you tap your foot!

Up an' Adam: One of my personal top ten favorite tunes.  Very upbeat, lively, and incredibly catchy.  A great celebratory tune.

Slow Air and Hornpipes:  This is a small set of fun tunes, starting with "Song for the Smallpipe" and including hornpipes such as "Upside Down in Eden Court" and "Pump the Thump".

The Hills of Argyll: This is a somber yet powerful tune.

Top Deck in Perth: This is one of my all-time favorite tunes! The tune was written by Murray Blair, who has written many of my other favorites.  It is a great processional or intoduction tune, or just great in a set.

Song for the Smallpipe: Just the slow air, featured on this page as part of the Slow Air and Hornpipes in the column to the left. 

March, Strathspey, and Reel: A great, traditional competition set -Willie Gray's Farewell to the Glasgow Police, Maggie Cameron, and John Morrison of Assynt House.

Hornpipe and Jig: Moving Cloud and Jig of Slurs.

Hornpipe and Jig: Doctor MacInnes' Fancy and Bride's Jig.  This hornpipe is another one of top tunes and was very early influential tune on my piping.  I couldn't play it properly for years!

Highland Cathedral: THE go-to wedding tune.

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